I recreated part of SlugCon's artist alley bc i'm insane lmao
Nyx Aurelia
Hello, I'm a hobby illustrator currently attending UCLA as an EE major. I started off drawing anime in pencil and watercolor. This year, however, I'm learning digital art in a more realistic style. I love to paint epic scenes of power and mystery, intially inspired by game art and character design. My own original characters, Nyx Aurelia being one of them, will be part of my universe project “Iteration” which I’m hoping to start creating for this year.
Hello Everyone,
I'm Vika! I love video games, the horror genre, and Jojo! I've been drawing digitally for about four years now, and have drawn traditionally nearly my whole life, though I've recently gotten back into painting. I've reached a stage where I feel uncertain in my skills, but understand that believing I am stuck will get me nowhere. So, I draw because I know I love to do it, and I want to fight for what I love as all other artists do. I am genuinely thankful to be in a community of artists and people who are supportive of each other, and who continue to inspire me everyday.
So to everyone reading this, thank you!
Hello! I’m Kiara (she/her), but you can also call me Scarves! I’ve been doing/practicing digital art on characters and assets since 2017 with fanart, GDA, and a couple of personal work! Currently, I’m one of the artists for one of the games in the 170 series, Origin Story!
Hi! I'm Lexi, an artist from California Bay Area who works in both digital and traditional media! I'm primarily a college student but draw, complete commissions and watch loads of anime on my free time. Feel free to reach out to me for any reason at all~ I love talking about anime, shows, movies, art, and really anything that includes meeting chill people.
Hello! I'm Tofu, a Vtuber and freelance artist specializing in anime illustrations and LIVE2D models!
Heyo, the name's Arthur! I'm a 3rd year UCSC student, and a marine biology major. I usually draw Arknights and Bleach related content, but I'm open to any ideas or suggestions people may have. I don't do animals tho. In any case, I'm super excited to be a SlugCon artist this year, and I hope everyone enjoys their time during this event!
Hello ヽ(・∀・)ノ ~☆
Digital illustrator here! I like cool edgy stuff and cute things.
Hi everyone! I'm an aspiring character illustrator based in the Bay. I love drawing pretty girls and writing stories! Hope we can be friends :))