please play 9 hours 9 persons 9 doors

transmasc enby (demiboy?) ⍟ they/them
demi/pan ⍟ autistic/adhd ⍟ chinese-american

csssa '16 animation
uc berkeley '22 physics/statistics

hi i'm beany and i like weeb games. i do art and cosplay sometimes

i'm the editor-in-chief of and illustrator for Konshuu, a weekly magazine about anime and anime-related media. read it here

i'm kinda socially awkward and if i say something rude, 99% of the time i don’t mean it (i may have used the wrong words or left out something important). if smth like this happens just let me know and i’ll be glad to clear up any misconceptions. thank you for understanding c:

i’m always open to making new friends! don’t be shy i won’t bite

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