sites i'm on

twitter: @quandrries (personal/NSFW: @junpegged)
instagram: @quandrries
discord: quandrries#9999 (subject to change)

before you follow:

idc who follows me but i won’t follow back if you:

- post discourse on: fandom/shipping, "purity culture", kinks, LGBT+ labels/inclusivity/exclusivity (ex. bi/pan lesbians), or (reclamation of) slurs. i don’t care abt that nonsense i am literally just here to vibe.
if it matters, i do not identify as a "proshipper"/"anti-anti"

- frequently post kink stuff or explicit nsfw. i might follow back on my nsfw account on twitter though (@junpegged)

- post a lot about gacha games, esp. genshin impact or male idol franchises (if it's just retweets tho i can follow back but i'll turn off retweets). (tentative, current mutuals ok)

- use the f-slur, t-slur, r-slur, or anti-autistic insults (including "reee"), even if you think you can reclaim them. i've lived through early 2010s internet and these words make me extremely uncomfortable.

if i don't follow back it doesn't necessarily mean you fit the above criteria